Thursday, July 14, 2016

Joyfully His Update

Hey There!

I know. We've been gone. Don't worry. Here's some good news.... 

We've decided to make a few changes to JH. Blogging has just not been top priority (as obvious !!) and we're gonna make it all a little different. But, before we tell you about that, take a look and see how our blog has changed since we started blogging in 2013....

First, we had this background, header and layout for the first year or two.
(Notice we only have one row of tabs :)

Then for a bit our blog had this header, but not for long before...

So, the news. Madyson and I don't have much time to blog now. We will continue to put up some posts when we have chances but as you can probably tell from the last months ,we're pretty busy. So, we decided to redo our blog into more of a website than a blog where we'll post occasionally.

And, we've decided to move from to

We are keeping all our posts under the 'Topics' page over there so you will be able to find everything from here!

We are super excited about this new change and hope you are too. We know you'll understand that our lives have just gotten busy, and know that we will be back from time to time.

So, please go check out our new website and drop us a line. Thanks for the support you all have been and we hope to see you at our new place soon.

We LOVE you!
Madyson and Anne
now of

P.S. If you have post ideas, or questions we can answer in blog posts, we'd love to hear them and it would probably spur us to do more posting. Just sayin'. :)